What should the Ultimate Schmoedown losers do next? (Singles: Round Two)

It’s starting to get to that stage of the Schmoedown season where it’s difficult to remember a time before the tournaments began, but with just two weeks of the Ultimate Schmoedown to go, a time will come very soon where the standard season will need to continue.

While four singles competitors now know they are three wins from ending the year with the belt, four more are licking their wounds, their dreams of claiming the biggest movie trivia-based title dashed for another campaign.

Singles Losers Rd 2But what should those who lost out in round two look to do next? Who should they be eyeing as their next opponent? And will the new Interim Commissioner do the right thing and listen to the views of the blog when booking matches?! Probably not…

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Having a 5-4 record is becoming the latest fashion within the singles league. Clarke Wolfe, Mark Ellis and Samm Levine (albeit with a match scheduled) have all seen their records align over the course of 2017, and Jeff Sneider’s has now joined them following his defeat to team-mate JTE.

SneiderDespite that, Sneider remains well entrenched within the top ten of the rankings, though he probably needs to put a couple of wins together to get a No.1 contender match. With that in mind, a match against either Wolfe or Ellis would make the most sense, allowing a heavyweight competitor the chance to get back on the horse and battle towards the belt.

In terms of which this writer would favour, I’m going to go with Wolfe. With Ellis having endured the most underwhelming season of any competitor within the Schmoedown, talk of bowing out alongside team-mate Kristian Harloff has begun to come to prominence.

WolfeWolfe, on the other hand, seems hungrier than ever to get her hands a belt in 2018 after an up and down year. Taking on and beating Sneider would see her land a blow on the Patriots ahead of her acquiring a new partner and potentially facing them within the team league.

Such a prestige match might even prove the perfect opportunity for “The Classy One” to reveal who she will be teaming up with, whether it’s during her post-match interview or in a behind-the-scenes clip.


Despite her crushing defeat to Rachel Cushing (pun intended!), Stacy Howard remains one of the rising stars within the Schmoedown, and if the questions are kind then she can hang with the best of them.

HowardNow, in a previous blog, this writer summised that a potential perfect match-up for Six Degrees after their loss in the team tournament would be to take on Late To The Party. Brianne Chandler’s break from competition may have put the brakes on that one for now, but were she to return early in 2018 then that match could yet be back on the table.

With that in mind, having LTTP build a rivalry with the MissFits might be a fun angle to explore, and as such having Howard take on Tim Franco at the same time as the aforementioned team match would be something to look forward to in the opening months of the year.

FrancoFans are keen to see the “The Tank” get back in the ring after his impressive victory over Matt Atchity, and taking on another breakout star of 2017 would seem a logical next step in terms of just matchplay. Factor in the potential story implications, and this has the potential to be an enthralling match-up.


Following her emotional post-match interview in the aftermath of her defeat to Mike Kalinowski, “Miss Movies” is set to step away from competition for the time being, and she deserves as much time as she needs given everything she has done to build the league into what it is today.

ChandlerHowever, were she to decide she is ready to come back to competition in the opening few months of 2018, there is an obvious candidate awaiting her as a next opponent. And don’t worry – it’s not Kalinowski again!

Instead, an underrated rivalry Chandler has forged since turning heel is one with the Lion’s Den and Tom Dagnino. “Tricky Tom” has done what he does best and got under her skin, with his ‘Fake Sharon’ barbs just one of the many great nicknames he has for rival competitors.

The two were set to face off before Chandler was parachuted into the tournament despite losing a qualifying match to Kalinowski, and in 2018 it would be perfect for the Commissioner to investigate the MissFits/Lion’s Den rivalry once again. However, Dagnino would not be the next opponent I would pick for Chandler.

AndreykoInstead, given her 2-2 record, this writer would love to see her go up against Marc Andreyko. Not only would it allow “Miss Movies” and Jay Washington to renew their feud with Dagnino, but with Chandler and Andreyko having identical records, it would allow the winner to take a huge step up the rankings having both shown glimpses of what they can do at different points in 2017.


Though some Schmoedown fans claim to be tired of John Rocha and want to see more of the new blood on their screens, for this writer there is now no more intriguing competitor within the league when it comes to scheduling their future matches.

RochaDespite losing out to Samm Levine, “The Outlaw” will – looking at the rankings as they likely stand now – end the tournament ranked within the top three challengers. Depending on what happens between the tournament and Spectacular within the singles league, he may well finish the year in that position. Any other competitor would likely face off against one of the losing semi-finalists in their first match of 2018.

Estimated Singles Rankings (as of 06/11/17)

CHAMP Harloff 8-3 WWWWW
1 Kalinowski 4-1 WWWLW
2 Cushing 3-0 WWW
3 Rocha 7-5 LWLLW
5 Levine 5-4 WWLLW
6 Sneider 5-4 LWLWW
7 Wolfe 5-4 LWLWL
8 Ellis 5-4 LLLWW
9 McWeeny 3-2 LWLWW
10 Howard 2-1 LWW
11 Bibbiani 3-3 LWLWL
12 Chandler 2-2 LWLW
13 Andreyko 2-2 LWWL
14 Franco 1-0 W
15 Bernardin 1-0 W

However, given the stipulations placed on him in the wake of his defeat at Collision, Rocha must now start again from scratch, knowing he needs three straight wins to have a shot of winning the belt yet again. He probably needs to face a strong unranked competitor first before taking on those within the top ten ahead of a No.1 contender bout.

And so, having complained about how much it has been pushed when it would not have made sense in terms of the rankings, this writer is about to change his tune – it’s time for Rocha vs Bibbiani!

Bibbiani“The Beast’s” failures since breaking from the Four Horsemen has seen this storyline take a back seat during tournament season, but it was obvious in the aftermath of Collision that it was a rivalry that the Schmoedown hierarchy were pushing to the forefront of fans’s minds.

Now, with Bibbiani down at 3-3, it would make perfect sense for Rocha to use his former stable-mate as his first step on his latest path towards the belt. Obviously “The Outlaw” has claimed he is set to take a break from singles competition, but the promise of taking on the man who so memorably betrayed him may well be enough to pull him back in.

Also, were the “The Beast” to win, then John Rocha would lose his hat! He would LOSE HIS HAT! Why is no one else talking about this?! If “The Outlaw” loses his hat it could be the end of his whole persona! If this match is scheduled, you fans better start talking about the hat in the Facebook group! THE HAT!!!

Anywaaayy… who do you think the Round Two losers should take on next? Have your say in the comments below!

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