Does the Schmoedown calendar need a shake-up?!

As a football fan and writer, there is no better time for me than the build-up to a major summer tournament such as the World Cup. The thought of wall-to-wall live sport on terrestrial television for around a month is enough to leave even this seasoned supporter giddy with excitement.

Ultimately, and particularly in recent years, the tournaments have disappointed once they have arrived, and not just because England have been absolutely abysmal! Even before the competitions have finished the pining for the return of domestic football tends to return.

Similarly, with the announcement that we would be getting not one but two Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments in the second half of the season left many fans, including myself, buzzing with excitement at the prospect of three months of knockout movie trivia matches.

Team Tournament Logo

Singles Tournament LogoHowever, as we enter finals week, one cannot help but look forward to what is next and get excited for the return of standard league play. That is not to say the tournament has disappointed, with the scope for major upsets and somewhat random match-ups a nice change of pace. It just feels there has been something missing.

With that in mind, the blog believes that it may of be benefit to switch up the Schmoedown calendar in 2018 to still give fans plenty of tournament action without standard league play being forgotten about for at least three months of the year.

Admittedly, this thought began when it was announced that Top 10 would play the Ultimate Schmoedown runners-up in a No.1 contender match at Spectacular. Presumably we will also have a singles No.1 contender bout at the end of year event, and one cannot help but feel that the Schmoedown decision makers have backed themselves into a corner with their scheduling.

Spectacular Logo

Having both tournaments lead directly into Spectacular and the desire to also have No.1 contender matches means competitors who have either just lost the right to such a bout or actually lost No.1 contender matches just weeks earlier are given a second chance not afforded to others. I certainly won’t turn off come December 20, but having those matches there would not have been a decision I would have made.

(For those keeping score, I would have much rather had Rocha vs Bibbiani – a grudge match that now makes perfect sense to schedule – and DC Movie News vs Blofeld’s Cat – gets fan favourite Kalinowski on screen and follows up Loquasto’s attack on the Lion’s Den – take place take place at Spectacular along with the four title bouts.)

With that in mind, the blog would appreciate if the Interim Commissioner would pass this onto Kristian Harloff upon his return as a potential Schmoedown calendar for 2018 – we believe compromises have been made that would benefit both parties…

SCHMOEDOWN CALENDAR 2018 (as designed by the Schmoedown Blog)

JANUARY-MARCH: Standard league play, involving all three main divisions. One title match for each.

6 APRIL: Free-4-All. Winner earns themselves a title shot of their choosing.

SECOND WEEK OF APRIL: Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament begins. Two first round matches a week (Tuesday & Wednesday). Singles/Innergeekdom match on Friday.

MAY-JUNE: Team tournament continues with one match every week (Tuesday). Singles & Innergeekdom league continues on Fridays, with title matches for both scheduled. Star Wars No.1 contender match also scheduled to be played in this window.

TUESDAY 19 JUNE: Team tournament final.

SATURDAY 6 JULY: Collider Collision. Four title matches, No.1 contender singles match and non-No.1 contender team match.

JULY-SEPTEMBER: Standard league play – two matches per week.

WEEK BEGINNING 24 SEPTEMBER: Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament begins. Two first round matches a week (Tuesday & Wednesday). Teams/Innergeekdom match on Friday.

OCTOBER-NOVEMBER: Singles tournament continues with one match every week (Tuesday). Team & Innergeekdom league continues on Fridays, with title matches for both scheduled. Star Wars No.1 contender match also scheduled to be played in this window.

4 DECEMBER: Singles tournament final.

21 DECEMBER: Schmoedown Spectacular. Four title matches, No.1 contender team match & non-No.1 contender singles match.

And there you have it. Here at the Schmoedown Blog we believe this offers the ideal solution to some of the issues that the second half of the 2017 has suffered with as well as opening up new opportunities…

  • Splitting the two tournaments allows standard league play to  continue. Tournaments have the potential to take fan favourite competitors off our screens for weeks or even months, but with our proposal they could return sooner in other divisions. Also, new competitors can be introduced all year round, rather than just within the nine-month window the current schedule allows for.
  • Furthermore, if certain competitors cannot commit to potentially playing in full tournaments, they can still appear in one-off matches in other divisions, so as to keep them entrenched within the league and not be forgotten about by casual fans (see the case of Vejvoda/IGN/MODOK in 2017).
  • Splitting the tournaments will also benefit storylines. The nature of the tournaments means competitors are on very set paths, and should results not favour the underlying stories, they can end with matches such as the recent singles semi-finals that, although high-quality, lacked the build away from the ring. Imagine, if you will, if we could have had Rocha/Top 10 vs Bibbiani/Critically Acclaimed when the story iron was still roasting hot…
  • Further to this point, it was very difficult to promote the recent Levine vs Cushing match with there only being a four-day gap between the former’s win over Rocha and his next bout. With our proposal, the gaps between matches for competitors on screen will be at least a week, therefore allowing for more build-up and promotion.
  • Given the move to 16-competitor tournaments, the league this year chose to air matches five days a week during the team edition. Though popular with some fans, the margin for error within production was decreased due to the higher workload, and as such some episodes aired that spoiled upcoming matches. We hope our proposal would help with such issues.
  • Finally, imagine this scenario for one second. A competitor wins the Free-4-All and decides they will use the prize to challenge for the team belt despite already being in the tournament that starts just days later. They pull out, forcing the league to find a new team to take their place that will not be revealed until they emerge from behind the curtain weeks later. They could even be a new team that fans will be speculating on for weeks. You like that idea, don’t you? With our changes, it could become a reality…

What do you make of our proposals for next year’s calendar? Make sense, or would you not change things at all? Have your say in the comments below!

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