Who should the Wildberries and Only Stupid Answers play next?

While neither team may ever challenge for the belts, few would argue that the match between the Wildberries and Only Stupid Answers was one of the most entertaining Schmoedown matches of the year.

Despite two defeats, the partnership between Josh Macuga and Eliot Dewberry has been a hit with fans while newcomers Sam Bashor and DJ Woolridge have shown glimpses of what they could achieve once they are more au fait with the intricacies of the game.Only Stupid Answers

WildberriesBut what was particularly strange, especially in the immediate aftermath of tournament season, was that there was no clear path for either team to take in terms of their next opponents. Perri Nemiroff did her best to find out who each team had their respective eyes on next, but neither was open to calling out another team in particular, though the prospect of James Cameron entering the Schmoedown is certainly intriguing.

So, in true Schmoedown Blog style, here’s some potential next opponents for both teams. starting with the victors…


Given their infancy within the Schmoedown, it is difficult to suggest any matches for OSA that would further their storyline at present, and as such it is likely their next match would largely be based on rankings.

After recording a 1-1 start to life within the MTS, they now form a group of three teams just outside the top ten all with the same records. One of those teams is Critically Acclaimed, but given William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold have already played OSA just a few months ago, it would not make much sense to have them face-off again so soon.

The other alternative with a 1-1 record is Blofeld’s Cat, and if the Schmoedown hierarchy are looking at scheduling OSA’s next match quickly, then the partnership of Marc Andreyko and Robert Meyer Burnett would certainly make a lot of sense.Blofeld's CatHowever, Blofeld’s Cat’s links to the Lion’s Den means the majority of Schmoedown teams would be keen to take them down, and there may be more story-based alternatives for them to play rather than focusing their efforts purely on rankings (more on that later!).

With that in mind, OSA could instead look a little further up the rankings for their next opponents. Sitting at 2-2, the future of the Nerd’s Watch remains unclear. If Ken Napzok and Rachel Cushing were to continue as a team, however, then taking on Bashor and Woolridge could provide them with the perfect test as they look to get back into the swing of competing.Nerds WatchThough this writer is eagerly anticipating the potential Nerd’s Watch vs Six Degrees match in the aftermath of “The Crusher” turning down the MissFits, having Napzok and Cushing return to the team division with a match that has few stakes in terms of story might be the best way to go before throwing them into a highly-charged clash. Throw in Brianne Chandler’s current hiatus, and instead of waiting to give the Nerd’s Watch an obvious story match, why not give them one that factors more into rankings than overall plot?

If that does not sufficiently float your boat, then how about some new competitors for OSA to take on? I’m not generally one for recommending new competitors to the league, mostly down to the fact that I am not as deeply entrenched within the film journalism and analysis world as many Schmoedown supporters.

However, one YouTube channel that I have been following for a while having come across their ridiculously in-depth breakdowns of Game of Thrones episodes is ‘New Rockstars‘.

Filup Molina and Erik Voss are both huge film fans, and while this writer believes both could realistically challenge within the Innergeekdom division, having them play as a team together would be good way to introduce them into the world of the Schmoedown.New RockstarsBut why would OSA be the best team for them to play first? Well, Bashor has in recent months started presenting some of the shows on the New Rockstars channel, and having both teams face off against someone familiar would likely allow them to show their true colours, both in terms of personality and movie trivia ability.

OSA’s relative inexperience means they are at a level where pitting a rookie team against them would not be seen as particularly unfair, and I for one hope this is a match that the Schmoedown decision makers can make happen.


Given the precedent that has been set over the last 12 months in terms of teams being forced to split up, the Wildberries already look in real peril. With two TKO defeats in as many matches since their introduction during the Ultimate Schmoedown, previous teams would likely be one loss away from being disbanded and sold for parts.

However, given the prolonged build-up to the reveal of Macuga’s new partner and the amount of fans who have bought themselves Wildberries merchandise, it would be foolhardy for the league to look to split them up so quickly after they have arrived on the scene. So what to do with them?

The obvious answer is to pit them against a team with a similar record. At present, two other duos currently sit on 0-2 – CinemaBlend and the Night Sisters.

While Emma Fyffe and Joelle Monique have admitted that after two underwhelming displays their time within the team league may already be up, CinemaBlend seem keen to right the wrongs of their early showings.CinemaBlendEric Eisenberg and Conner Schwerdtfeger have put up a combined 51 points in two matches, only for DC Movie News and Trek to be at their top of respective games to take them out.

While this game would make sense on paper, CinemaBlend do look too strong for the Wildberries, and the Commissioner would surely not want either team to drop to 0-3 given their potential to be factors within the league.

With that in mind, it is perhaps better to kick start a potential storyline for the Wildberries within which, win or lose, they could continue competing. For weeks over on Twitter I’ve been campaigning for the Wildberries to go full heel, and in the aftermath of their defeat to OSA the signs were certainly there that this is about to happen.

Both Macuga and Dewberry have been betrayed by team-mates in the past 18 months while “The Wildman” losing his fantasy updates could be used as a tool for him to turn against the powers that be within the Schmoedown. At present there are two potential teams for them to call out – Blofeld’s Cat or Critically Acclaimed.

Macuga’s feud with Tom Dagnino is well known, and so putting his new team up against members of the Lion’s Den would certainly make for some superb kayfabe if not a competitive match.Critically AcclaimedDewberry, meanwhile, has not really addressed Ricky Hayberg’s decision to manage the Growling Commandos, and having the former ETC duo square off in the shape of a Wildberries vs Critically Acclaimed match would certain end that storyline as well as just give Hayberg something do given his lack of screen time since Collision. Factor in the potential for shock results and it would not be surprising to see the Commissioner schedule one of them in the new year.FinstockThe wildcard in all this is a certain Bob Finstock. The ‘Bearded Wonder’s’ 12-month ban from the Schmoedown is up in early 2018, and it would be great to see the man formerly known as Tom Dagnino find himself a team-mate and call out former ally Josh Macuga for his first match. Just a thought to leave you with…

Who do you think Only Stupid Answers and the Wildberries should play next? Have your say in the comments below!

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