Which Schmoedown competitor is Emma Fyffe managing?

If we’ve learnt anything since the Movie Trivia Schmoedown moved to Collider it’s that those behind the scenes love a good mystery. Whether it’s Josh Macuga’s new team-mate, Ricky Hayberg’s first client or whatever Tom Dagnino has hidden inside his Gucci bag, the 2017 season has been full of drawn out plans and big reveals.

The second edition of Schmoedown Spectacular is set to be no different, with the contents of the aforementioned gold-plated bag set to be unleashed. However, the biggest talking point heading into the end-of-year event surrounds the controversial Manager Bowl and the identity of whom Emma Fyffe will be representing.Fyffe

“The Golden Mic” is taking her first steps into management on the biggest stage possible, but the decision not to reveal who she will be throwing into a No.1 contender’s match should she win has thrown Schmoedown theorisers into overdrive.

As someone who regularly interacts with all the competitors, fans have been looking for potential clues within Fyffe’s interviews from throughout her time at the Schmoedown, and it seems now the list of potential candidates is being narrowed down.

With that in mind, here’s who this writer feels are (and are not) the main possibilities…


If there is one competitor who Fyffe has seemingly had more sympathy for than anyone else in recent months it is John Rocha. “The Outlaw’s” attempt at a face turn has seen Fyffe align herself with him during her interviews throughout 2017, and even bent the truth at times to curry favour for the former champion.Rocha

With that in mind, it would make sense for “The Golden Mic” to further her Schmoedown relationship with Rocha. The former head honcho of the Four Horsemen has lost three of his last four singles matches and could yet be facing a year away from team competition alongside Matt Knost if Top 10 lose to Action at Spectacular.

It may of benefit to his game if he does not need to represent himself so vociferously around the matches, with “The Outlaw” in danger of losing one of the most impressive records in Schmoedown history. Furthermore, Fyffe representing him and winning the Manager Bowl could help him overcome the stipulation put on him in the aftermath of his defeat at Collision.

However, while it would certainly make sense to have Fyffe manage Rocha’s best interests, surely we know by now that the Schmoedown never goes for the obvious option? Certainly for this writer it would be something of an anti-climax, and given the level of the twists they have been able to pull off in recent weeks, surely there is no way they will take the easy route when it comes to such a major storyline…


So, if Rocha is too obvious, who is next in the pecking order? Taking a brief look at the rankings, the highest ranked competitor without a major storyline or faction to fall back on is Clarke Wolfe.

The 2016 Rookie of the Year has had something of an underwhelming year within the Schmoedown, with perhaps her best moments coming during the Wolves of Steel’s run to the semi-finals of the Ultimate Schmoedown. But with Mark Reilly now having walked off into the sunset and overtures from the MissFits having been rejected, “The Classy One” finds herself in a state of flux.Wolfe

Wolfe has always made it clear how much she wants to get herself a belt, and with the league looking like it will be at its strongest yet in 2018, now is the perfect time to make a run before others further down the rankings pick up enough wins to climb the ladder. However, if she can earn the opportunity to get an automatic No.1 contenders match via the Manager Bowl, it’s unlikely she would turn it down.

While I will get into the reasons why I am leaning away from this option in a moment, one must concede that Fyffe representing Wolfe would make a lot of sense. As fans we must presume that, win or lose, “The Golden Mic” will continue to manage her chosen competitor heading into 2018 and perhaps even look to build a faction around them.

Wolfe would be the perfect currently unattached candidate to build a new stable around, and though it might seem lazy to just pair two female personalities together, it does seem like her and Fyffe would be able to create a good chemistry given their unerring babyface personalities.

However, a little like Rocha, this option just seems a bit too obvious. The Schmoedown continues to sell itself on surprising its audience, and while there will always be certain fans who are able to predict even the most shocking twists, unveiling Wolfe as Fyffe’s competitor might not get fans talking as much as those who write the storylines would want.

It could happen, but I have faith that they have something much bigger up their sleeves…


Now we’re talking!

For months Dagnino has been setting up the Spectacular as the moment when his plan to shake-up the Schmoedown will be unleashed, and after the heartbreaking start to his masterplan was unveiled over the past week, he seems unstoppable.

What “Tricky Tom” might not have accounted for, though, is one of his own departing the Den and joining forces with a personality he has regularly locked horns with over the past 12 months.Andreyko

Marc Andreyko’s journey since joining the Den has been one of the most fascinating secondary storylines of the 2017 season. From imitating Finstock to his Free 4 All wipeout to some of the most memorable post-match outbursts of the year, fans have now begun to notice “The Android” has been softening his stance.

Perhaps Andreyko’s most unedifying moment of the year came in the aftermath of his loss to Rachel Cushing in the Ultimate Schmoedown as he went on the attack against Fyffe after taking issue with her line of questions.

However, only weeks later he returned to our screens and, sat at the commentary table no less, he issued an apology to “The Golden Mic”. Quite why a member of the Lion’s Den would have been given permission to call a match is one thing given their issues with those who run the league, but his obvious regret at his interaction with Fyffe suggested that he had perhaps had a change of heart regarding his Schmoedown future.

With differences put to the side, it was further noticeable after Blofeld’s Cat’s win over a handicapped Nerd’s Watch that Fyffe was eager to hear the thoughts of “The Android” over the other members of his faction, and his reflections were far more measured than those of his stablemates. Andreyko has never seemed as natural a fit within the Den as others, and now more than ever his departure would make real sense.

It’s also worth remembering that at the last major event within the Schmoedown world, Collider Collision, Fyffe was locked inside a cupboard by Dagnino. What greater revenge than to steal one of his competitors from under his nose with the biggest possible audience looking on? It has just the right amount of foreshadowing and shock value, so sorry if I’ve now spoiled the surprise…


While Jim Vejvoda’s name is in the subtitle of this section, he is there merely to represent all those competitors who would literally come out of nowhere if they were to be unveiled as being represented by Fyffe.

Perhaps the only reason as to why Vejvoda might be a more likely option than the likes of other unattached potential behemoths such as Marc Bernardin, Lon Harris and Tim Franco is the favourable light in which he is seen by the Schmoedown hierarchy.Vejvoda

It is clear that Kristian Harloff has been pushing the Top That lynchpin to make his singles debut for months, and after his debut match against Adam Hlavac had to be put on hold, it remains to be seen when he will finally be stepping into the ring as a solo competitor.

What better way than to dive straight into a No.1 contender’s match via his manager, who is now well versed within the inner workings of the Schmoedown, and potentially claim the belt after just two wins. It’s unlikely I know, but stranger things have happened within the world of movie trivia. Speaking of…


Given her rise to prominence over the course of 2017, it is no surprise to see Cushing linked with each and every vacancy within the Schmoedown. Is she Clarke Wolfe’s new partner? Is she being managed by Emma Fyffe? Is she inside Tom Dagnino’s bag?! Though she may well be the answer to some of these questions, surely now we can rule her out of the running to be under “The Golden Mic’s” wing.

When it was first revealed that Fyffe was going into management, “The Crusher’s” name was one those fans immediately linked with the secret competitor’s spot. However, it was clear from her storyline this week that all her thoughts have been geared towards reforming the Nerd’s Watch rather than preparing to unveil her new manager.Cushing

Given her record-breaking run to the Ultimate Schmoedown semi-finals it is not like Cushing requires any extra help in terms of improving her performance, and though it could be explained that she was in fact playing Ken Napzok all along, it would feel out of place given her ultimate babyface personality. You never know though…

Who do you think Fyffe is representing in the Manager Bowl? Have your say in the comments below!

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