How will the Schmoedown tackle “The Tackle”?!

By Jared Prestwidge

“Family…” – Dominic Toretto, almost every time a new ‘Fast & Furious’ film hits cinemas.

With multiple championships changing hands, formations of factions and behind the scenes scheming on display at Schmoedown Spectacular II, who would have thought the main point of discussion would be a familial quarrel?Rocha Ghai

Despite only getting a few offhand comments during actual Schmoedown play, the John Rocha/Andrew Ghai family feud has been rampant on the MTS Facebook group and Twitter, with both competitors fanning the flames themselves.

It turns out that Ghai isn’t simply a dastardly heel who can fit a suit, but a man that has been carrying the weight of a crippling betrayal on his shoulders since he was a boy. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Rocha’s abandonment was the reason Ghai became a part of the Schmoedown in the first place. Where else would he be able to confront the man?!c55c355d-b62e-41e6-a6a8-7ca6fdc8fbc2

Surely this is a storyline opportunity that the Schmoedown hierarchy would not want to go to waste in Season Five. So, the Schmoedown Blog has emerged once again to lend a hand, with a proposal on how to handle this family dispute…

ACT I: Rocha/Ghai vs Mantz/Rudnick

I’m no psychiatrist, but I don’t think a three-month ban is going to temper the rage Ghai clearly has boiling inside. He isn’t finished with dear old dad by a long shot, and the Schmoedown will feel the effects.

So, whomever the Commissioner may be, they will decide that the only course of action is to force father and son to settle their differences. That’s right, they will be competing AS A TEAM.

Think of it as the Schmoedown equivalent of smacking a pair of siblings’ heads together to stop their fighting. And who else could they take on but the Schmoedown’s only other father/son duo – one with a positive relationship – Scott Mantz and Hal Rudnick.Mantz Rudnik

Mantz and Rocha are old pros, with their first bout considered a bonafide classic. And what better way to cap off their trilogy than in a team match, where they can proudly pass the mantle onto their offspring? I mean come on, I can tell you’re tearing up a little already…

ACT II: Ghai vs Bateman

Despite the expected teething problems, Rocha and Ghai actually make a formidable team. They dispatch Mantz and Rudnick without much trouble, why wouldn’t they at least try to take their partnership further? Enter Ben Bateman.

“The Boss” has been keeping himself busy with the singles league in the first three months of 2018, but he’s ready to jump back into the team competition again. Ghai teaming up with Action’s nemesis after he patiently waited for his return unfortunately threw a spanner in the works. Quite frankly, it was more like a smack in the face!

Bateman challenges his team-mate to a match, to prove that HE was the one that carried them all the way to the Ultimate Schmoedown final. But with his singles record a little out of Ghai’s reach at the moment, a team match seems more appropriate. He could kill two birds with one stone, after Action’s embarrassment at Spectacular by the hands of Top Ten. And it just so happens that Ghai hasn’t been the only one mending fences…Burnett Entrance

Robert Meyer Burnett is Ben Bateman’s father?! That’s not true, that’s impossible! Search your feelings, Schmoedown fans, you know it to be true. The only other competitor that either member of Team Action has shown any kind respect is Robert Meyer Burnett; first in their respective interviews on Inside Schmoedown and the Five-Way qualifier.

Having been dropped by the Lion’s Den in December, it’s a better time than any for Burnett to join a team again. The age difference between the pair works out (better than Rocha/Ghai at least!), and I feel like this could be a very balanced contest. “The Captain” does have his off days, but he has put out his best performances as part of a duo.

ACT III: A New Beginning…?

This particular storyline has so many ways it could conclude. If Rocha/Ghai lose, Ghai could turn on his father and join back up with Team Action, having decided they can never have a positive relationship.

Rocha/Ghai could win and continue as a team, with Ghai joining the Horsemen if “The Outlaw” wants to play on with Top Ten. Matt Knost could even go heel.

As much as the Action Army may hate to think of it, there is a decent chance their favourite team could be no more by year’s end. And breaking kayfabe for a moment, why did the Commissioner devise the notorious tackle in the first place? Action were handed two rough losses in a row, albeit by elite teams, but still. Why would you slow down a team with a 5-3 record’s path to another shot at the belt? On the other hand, in a recent Carpool, Kristian Harloff stated that he would never break them up even if they lost eight matches in a row, so who knows!

“The Tackle” looks to have started a ripple effect that will roll through at least the first half of Season Five, but is a father/son storyline too much for the Schmoedown? If you asked me six months ago, I would’ve said yes. But with the aformentioned ambush and Ken Napzok’s heel turn, it looks like anything is possible short of a storyline where JTE goes to Africa to train with lions after going on another losing streak. Is February 2 here yet?!

What do think the Schmoedown will tackle the aftermath of “The Tackle”?! Have your say in the comments below!

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