No Commissioner decider as new faces pile in – the Schmoedown Week that Was

With the Schmoedown Awards set to address a whole host of issues and the Schmoedown Rundown having a bunch of interviews from the event lined-up for the weekend, it’s probably best that this week’s round-up comes out slightly earlier than normal!

It’s been another busy week of the off-season in terms of breaking Schmoedown news, with a whole raft of rookie competitors revealed as well as some development regarding some of the big unanswered questions from Spectacular.

So without further ado, here’s the big stories from within the Schmoedown over the past seven days…


We’ve not had many matches confirmed ahead of the new season, which isn’t too much of a bad thing as far as this writer is concerned (until all the ‘What’s the schedule?!’ posts start appearing in the Facebook group!).

One match we were seemingly promised, though, was a clash between Kristian Harloff and Thadd Williams, with the permanent role of Schmoedown Commissioner up for grabs.

This immediately got the MTS hivemind whirring, and just the thought of Tom Dagnino trying to weasel his way into the match in a bid to get his hands on the keys to the Schmoedown had many excited about the prospect of such an encounter.

However, speaking to the Schmoedown Rundown this week, “The Warlord” has moved to distance himself from any such match, though he did drop in a couple of slight digs towards the man he replaced in the Commissioner’s chair.

“I’m not a singles competitor and I never have been. I’ve never requested to join the singles league,” he said. “I don’t have any intentions of joining the singles league in the foreseeable future, especially while I’m the Commissioner. As of now I have no intentions of facing him at the table for this proposed match of his. He can ask all he wants but at the moment I’m going to gracefully decline his offer.

“I understand that he’s seen better days but as of now I am still the Interim Commissioner. I don’t want this to be a full-time job. I have a full-time job, and this is not that. I have no intention of wiping the floor with him and taking over the league. That’s not what I want. I don’t think it’s right for me to agree to his challenge because I don’t want to take over the Commissioner-ship full-time.”

Despite these comments, I for one am not totally ruling out this match still going ahead. If there is an issue with the Rundown’s interviews – and it is by no means anyone’s fault – it is that their are shades of grey with the competitors when answering their questions in terms of whether they are in character or not, and most tending to switch between the two seamlessly.

As a theory, these comments were antagonistic enough that it would not be a shock to see “The X-Factor” react and absolutely demand a match. You may not have heard the last of this one…


If there was to be a poll placed in the MTS Facebook group regarding the most anticipated Schmoedown storyline for 2018, it would be difficult to beat the future of Emma Fyffe’s new faction and who she will be looking to recruit.

As revealed at Spectacular, her first acquisition was none other than Marc Andreyko, snaffled from the Lion’s Den from under Tom Dagnino’s nose. With “The Golden Mic” winning the Manager Bowl at the event, many interpreted that the No.1 contender’s match that she secured for a client would go automatically to “The Android”, particularly with her only other member – Sam Witwer – already holding a belt.

Apparently that’s not quite the case, though, with Fyffe telling the Schmoedown Rundown that it has not yet been decided who she will bestow that award upon, and she may yet use it to tempt others to join her faction before making a decision.

“I’m looking forward to growing this faction,” she said. “The thing that’s really great is that I have something that’s very desirable to many of the very serious competitors who haven’t been given the due deference that they deserve.

“Because I won the Manager Bowl I get to give someone in my faction a No.1 contender spot automatically. That’s good ammunition to convince people to join my team. I can go up to them and say ‘I know you’ve been getting the short end of the stick in the Schmoedown – how about a No.1 contender seat?’. I’m very excited to have that.”

This, of course, got the blog thinking as whether there was anyone in particular she could be referring to, and not for the first time over the past few months, the answer to the question posed was again Clarke Wolfe.

No doubt we will find out soon enough who Fyffe has her eye on, and with Harloff having hinted that there will be more than just the presenting of awards to watch come the end of this week, it might be “The Golden Mic” makes her move on the red carpet. Keep those eyes peeled!


The MissFits may be no more following Brianne Chandler’s decision to dismiss Jay Washington backstage at Spectacular, but if you thought that was the end of “The Urban Gladiator’s” plans to create an all-female faction to rule over them all, you were sorely mistaken!

Taking to the MTS Facebook group on Saturday, Washington revealed that his revamped faction would be re-branded to become the Viper Squad.

Joining Stacy Howard under Washington’s wing are newcomers Jeannine “The Machine” and Yael Tygiel.

Jeannine is a long-term Schmoes and Schmoedown fan who is set to join Late to the Party and Dale Gibbs in making the transition from fandom to competing within the ring while Tygiel works primarily as a host for a number of shows, including many on AfterBuzz.

I’m sure someone more well versed within the Youtube space can tell you more about them in terms of strengths and weaknesses, but for now this writer is very pleased that Washington has moved quickly to remain relevant as a manager within the movie trivia world.

And it seems one of his new charges will more than be able to fill the gap left by Chandler when it comes to going head-to-head with the babyface figures of the league if this confrontation with Mike Kalinowski is anything to go by…

KO Jeannine

As if that was not enough, “The Machine” has also been revealed as being the opponent for Bonnie Somerville’s long-awaited return to Schmoedown action in what promises to be a classic good versus evil clash.


After their somewhat controversial defeat to Trek on debut and a heartbreaking loss to Heroes on the final question, many asked if, and when, Superhero News would be making their return to action in 2018.

However, with Hector Navarro being drafted into Heroes following Robert Meyer Burnett’s defection to the Lion’s Den, “The Nightmare’s” Schmoedown partnership with Adam Hlavac was officially ended.

However, it has now been revealed that Superhero News will again be represented in Season Five, but with two new competitors taking over the reins.

Sean Gerber and Sabina Graves are set to enter the team division at some point during the 2018 campaign, and given their knowledge of comic book movies it would be no shock to see either of them make their way across to Innergeekdom at some stage.


As if that was not enough new competitors to get to know, as many as SIX more have been confirmed as making their debuts in 2018. They are:

Matt Iseman – Schmoedown fans will remember Iseman from his stint as a commentator during Top 10 vs Action I, and the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ host is now set to make his play for the belts in 2018. If he isn’t known as “The Iceman”, then I really don’t know what’s going on over there…

Yolanda Machado – The latest of the LA film critic circle to join the Schmoedown, it remains to be seen whether she can make the same impact some of her peers have when entering the world of movie trivia.

Adam Winkleman – Another Florida State alum, Winkleman has years of experience within the industry behind the camera, though whether that will help when it comes to trivia remains to be seen.

Dorian Parks – A rising star in the world of geek culture, Parks owns and runs ‘Geeks of Color’. Many felt he would likely make his debut within Innergeekdom, but it seems he will instead make his first appearance in a regular match against…

Demi Adejuyigbe – Better known as @electrolemon on Twitter, Adejuyigbe is renowned as one of the funniest voices on social media when it comes to critiquing movies. Whether he’s been paying attention enough to be any good at trivia is another thing all together.

Claudia Dolph – Actress and performer Dolph has a grounding in geek culture, and it remains to be seen whether she will be entered into the singles division or take her place within Innergeekdom.

Jacqueline Coley – Film critic and host of Rotten Tomatoes’ weekly show ‘See It/Skip It’ (you know, the one with the Justice League controversy?!), Coley arrives with a wealth of film knowledge and may well be a bonafide contender come the end of 2018.


At 0-2 with two TKO defeats to their name, it’s fair to say that the Night Sisters won’t be claiming the team belt anytime soon. But that does not mean we have seen the last of them.

During her interview with the Schmoedown Rundown, Emma Fyffe revealed that her and Joelle Monique were still very much a partnership, and though it is unlikely we will see them much – if at all – in 2018, they have not ruled out competing together again.

“I think that the answer is yes somewhere down the line,” she told the show when asked whether there was a chance they would return. “It was one of those things where we were trying to bring in some more teams and see what worked and what didn’t.

“I have been saying that I would love to do, especially as the Innergeekdom league continues to grow, is have a team league within Innergeekdom. If that happened then Joelle and I would definitely, definitely be back to compete.”

If you’re a Night Sisters fan I wouldn’t be holding your breath for an immediate return, but it’s not totally off the table!

What are your thoughts on all the big news this week & which new faces will be challenging for belts come the end of 2018? Have your say in the comments below!

And have you entered the Schmoedown Blog’s prediction contest to win Schmoedown-related goodies? You have until February 1 to enter!

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