Who should Top That play next?

If there was ever an episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown that illustrated exactly why competitors who dream of being champions should at least give the show a cursory glance ahead of time, it was Top That’s defeat to Top 10.

Tipped by many as the team to potentially dethrone the unbeaten Patriots, Jim Vejvoda and Eric Goldman instead went through a playbook of how not to beat John Rocha and Matt Knost, losing out on the opportunity to secure a title shot at the end of the month despite themselves racking up 30 points.

Top That

Instead they must now slip back into the ranks to await their next opponents. Many are expecting them to play the loser of the other No.1 contender match on the horizon, with Above the Line set to face off against MODOK in the near future. But when has the Schmoedown ever been happy with following what the fans presume will happen?

So, should Top That be forced to look elsewhere for a new opponent, who should it be? The blog breaks down their choices…


Now, if we are going to get technical about the rankings, then Top That really should be looking at Heroes as their next opponents, with both teams currently locked together with 3-2 records.

However, with Jon Schnepp and Hector Navarro’s debut performance suggesting they will be weaker as a pair than the previous iteration of the team, a more competitive clash for Top That might come in the shape of Team Trek.

Scott Mantz and Jason Inman have not been seen together since their defeat to Team Action in the second round of the Ultimate Schmoedown, but with a record of 4-3 and having pushed the Patriots closer than most they remain a key factor within the league.

With Inman having got his hands on the Innergeekdom belt at Spectacular he may now want to focus more of his energy towards team play, and facing a still reeling Top That might be just the match to start 2018 with.


Given their lack of theatrics, choosing an opponent to further a storyline with Top That is pretty difficult.

Fortunately the blog was able to rely on Andrew Ghai to take time away from his Schmoedown suspension and provide us with a story option involving Team Action…

With Action set to be absent from the team division until the start of May, a clash with Top That could be the ideal place for them to reignite their pursuit of the belts in 2018.

With a record of 5-3 they are similar enough in terms of standing to Vejvoda and Goldman, and taking on such good smack talkers might allow Top That to enhance their own Schmoedown personalities and learn from the mistakes made against Top 10.


When pondering a wildcard option for Top That to face next, there were two options that the blog considered.

The first was the newly-formed Shirewolves. Presuming Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe take care of Ken Napzok and Tom Dagnino in the coming weeks, then facing one of the league’s more established teams may well be on their agenda.

The reason we haven’t plumped for them, though, is that the blog is of the belief that the Shirewolves will instead the benefactors of a certain No.1 contender’s match earned by a certain interviewer-turned-manager. Showing “The Crusher” on the phone was not done by accident…

Instead, we are going to turn our attentions towards another team who will potentially be looking to get one over on the Lion’s Den.

It seemed at the end of the 2017 season, with Marc Andreyko having left the Den behind and Robert Meyer Burnett turned out on his ear, that Blofeld’s Cat’s time as a team was set to be short-lived.

However, as pointed out by eagle-eyed Schmoedown superfan Chris Clark, Blofeld’s Cat were not included during the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the Schmoedown Awards. Was this merely an oversight, or is there a chance that “The Android” and “The Captain” could reunite in Season Five?

While this would crush any hope of the Burnett storyline the blog pitched during the off-season of happening, it would not be a surprise to see “The Captain” try and continue his partnership with Andreyko as both look to gain revenge on Tom Dagnino and his stable of competitors.

It does not necessarily mean Burnett would need to be brought into Emma Fyffe’s newly-formed faction, but would allow “The Android” to continue within the team league while “The Golden Mic” manages his singles career.

At 2-1 they are ranked slightly below Top That at the time of writing, but their record is strong enough to justify such an encounter. It would need some story progression to happen, but we are not totally ruling it out!

Who do you think Top That should face next in the Schmoedown? Have your say in the comments below!

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