Superstars combine & geeks get ready to go – the Schmoedown Week that Was

It’s back! It’s actually back!

Season Five of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is up and running, and after victories for Rachel Cushing and Top 10 we already have our first title matches of 2018 set up and ready to go.

But outside of the ring, what has been going on during the past seven days in the world of movie trivia? The blog breaks down the big stories as the second week of the campaign rolls in over the horizon…



If you have no idea who or what the Shirewolves are, where the hell have you been?!

Speculation has been rife for months as to who both Clarke Wolfe and Rachel Cushing would be teaming up with, and it has now been confirmed that the last two winners of ‘Rookie of the Year’ will be joining forces for 2018.

Their first match should be a walkover as “The Crusher” looks for revenge against former team-mate Ken Napzok and his Lion’s Den manager, Tom Dagnino, and it might not be long until we see them fighting more Den members with a belt on the line.

The reveal of Cushing’s new partner was preceded by a scene of her talking to an unknown member of the Schmoedown company, with many – including this writer – speculating that it was indeed Emma Fyffe.

“The Golden Mic” has suggested that the No.1 contender match she earned at the Manager Bowl would not necessarily be offered to Marc Andreyko, and it would now not be too much of a stretch to suggest she will instead use it to entice the Shirewolves to her faction.

“The Crusher” did confirm when speaking to Take 3 Productions that her and Wolfe would be looking for some kind of representation, and there are a series of offers on the table. Whether they will eventually join Fyffe is another matter altogether.

Either way, fans have not been this excited by a new team since Wolfe last found a new partner in the shape of Mark Reilly and formed the Wolves of Steel. Will the Shirewolves be able to go one better and get their hands on the belts? Only time will tell…


IG Fiveway 1

With the singles and team divisions under way for the new campaign, next on the agenda is to kick-off the Innergeekdom matches for 2018.

It has been revealed that their will be two fatal five-ways in the coming weeks, with the respective winners facing off the for the chance to take on champion Jason Inman in his maiden defence of the belt.

The first of these matches will be shown on 13 February – as per this week’s schedule announcement – with four of the quintet set to make their debuts within the division.

The one current Innergeekdom competitor within the line-up is Coy Jandreau, who is looking to bounce back after an underwhelming performance during the No.1 contender bout that preceded Spectacular.

He will be joined at the table by Adam Hlavac, who having twice appeared alongside former Innergeekdom champ Hector Navarro as part of Superhero News is now about to embark on a solo career within the Schmoedown.

The remainder of the fivesome is made up by debutants, with Movie Fights veteran Mike Carlson, self-professed nerd Mark Donica and Popcorn Talk host Keetin Marchi all set to step into the ring for the first time.

Carlson has already put his opponents on notice, with his knowledge of the Incredible Hulk surely set to put him an instant advantage…

Donica, meanwhile, has taken a more traditional approach to preparing for his match, and as a wrestling fan could be a key competitor to look out for in terms of both movie trivia and story expertise…

Upon the announcement of this match, thoughts will now turn to those who are missing and whether they will get the chance to stake their claim in the second of the two five-ways.

Innergeekdom veterans Rachel Cushing, Mike Kalinowski, Robert Meyer Burnett, Jay Washington and Hector Navarro are all nowhere to be seen while both Sara Stretton and Taylor Robinson have been trailed as new competitors within the division in 2018. No doubt some – if not all – will be looking to get their shot at Inman when the second half of this double header is announced.



While celebrity matches can be divisive among Schmoedown viewers, their importance in recruiting new fans cannot be underestimated, and the first match of famouses in 2018 is set to – quite literally – be a thriller.

On 15 February, Bruce Campbell – star of the Evil Dead franchise – is set to introduce two stars from ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ to the world of movie trivia, with the man himself likely to be at the desk to call the match.

Schmoedown horror aficionados Jon Schnepp and Witney Seibold will be on hand to guide the stars through the match. Fingers crossed this will be the first of many memorable celebrity showdowns over the course of Season Five.

What have you made of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

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