Dagnino enforces the Den as the Outlaw eyes Innergeekdom – the Schmoedown Week that Was

Bright new stars, Bruce Campbell and bullet-pointed lists – it’s been another vintage week in the world of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

Over the past seven days we have seen Lon Harris pip Cody Hall to the post before revealing a taste of the new direction the Schmoedown is set to take as well as an Innergeekdom match that showcased just some of the new faces we will hopefully see take the league by storm in 2018.

All that pales in comparison, however, to the quite bonkers event that was the ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ celebrity match, that likely pushed the ‘only here for the trivia’ fans to the limit in its haphazard nature.

But what else has been going on away from the table? Well, here in a helpful list – albeit not one that is bulleted – is everything you need to know…



Since before last year’s Collision it has been clear that the Lion’s Den have been looking for a competitor to give them a presence within the Innergeekdom division.

Many – including this writer – felt they would look towards Jeremy Jahns, only for Tom Dagnino to shock the movie trivia world with the reveal that he was drafting Robert Meyer Burnett from the bewildered Horsemen (or should that be Horsemem?! 😜).

“The Captain’s” underwhelming performances, however, led to him being unceremoniously removed from the Den at Specatacular, leaving a gaping hole in their line up for 2018.

Some presumed Sara Stretton would be reunited with her former ‘Box Office Breakdown’ co-hosts Dagnino and JTE after it was revealed she would be joining the league as an Innergeekdom competitor for Season Five. It seems, however, that their attentions have been turned elsewhere, with her fraternising with Ben Bateman during the Schmoedown Awards unlikely to have gone down well at Den HQ.

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Instead, in the aftermath of his victory in the first Fiveway Qualifier of the Innergeekdom season, Mark Donica was approached by both Dagnino and Jeff Sneider with an offer of Lion’s Den membership on the table.

“The Enforcer” is yet to make a decision on whether he will align himself with such a despicable group of individuals, though the Den’s decision to make such a swift move without even waiting for the second qualifier has drawn derision from one corner of the Schmoedown company…

Needless to say this has got the blog’s speculation senses tingling. Is Mike Kalinowski going to be involved in the second qualifier? Does “Miss Movies” want him to leave The League align with the Den? We have sensed that “K.O.” is being led down a dark path as more details of his new alliance have trickled out, and this might just be the final nail in the #HeelWatch coffin.


MTS Live Poster

Schmoedown fans have been begging for the chance to see their favourite competitors in action on a bigger stage, and now that opportunity is here after the first Schmoedown live event was announced.

Tickets are now available for the show in Los Angeles on 15 March, with the Wildberries taking on the Reel Rejects ahead of John Rocha facing off against JTE in the singles bout that was teased towards the end of the Season Five premiere.

The event will act as a litmus test with the hope that the show can one day go on tour around the U.S., and “The Outlaw” has already expressed his excitement at performing in front of a big audience.

“JTE is right – he has beaten me every time he has faced me,” he told Take 3 Productions. “It’s only been in teams but he has beaten me everytime he’s faced me.

“For me this is a great challenge, and there is a very real possibility that I will lose to JTE. I’m not “The Outlaw” if I don’t take on these challenges. I’m not “The Outlaw” if I don’t test myself.

” JTE is the comeback player of the year. No one else has fallen as low as JTE did, so for him to come back and have a shot at going for the title is pretty amazing. He knows his movies and he seems to get osmosis from Sneider in terms of his knowledge.

“There’s the pressure of it being live too. I don’t know if JTE has done stuff live. I’m an actor so I’ve done live stuff and I’m aware of the space.

“It’s going to be a different animal having a Schmoedown crowd there though. Our studio crowd of 20-30 people are loud when you miss an easy question – imagine what that is going to be like with 300 in an auditorium. The goal is to be focused and ride the waves as smoothly as possible.”

Of course Rocha needs a victory to set him on a path towards the belt, with the stipulations from Collision still hanging over his head. Whether he can take down an in-form “Little Evil”, though, is another question…



“All the belts. All the records.” The catchphrase that helped spawn one of the Schmoedown’s great characters and even greater podcasts will go down in infamy once Rocha eventually hangs up the cowboy hat.

However, with “The Outlaw” sticking steadfastly to this mantra it begs the question that if he does actually covet every single piece of hardware available then when will he dip his toe into the Innergeekdom division?

Rocha certainly has the credentials to try his hand at Innergeekdom having guested on and produced shows based on comic book movies and Star Wars while the majority of fans know about his previous life as an integral cog in the world of Harry Potter.

Now, during an interview with Take 3 Productions, he has confirmed that his desire to debut in the division has not dissipated, hinting that he could make the jump before the end of 2018.

“I’m an organic person. If my desire to be in Innergeekdom becomes a very powerful thing within me then yes it will happen,” he admitted.

“I will sit there and watch all the movies and memorise everything. That’s what it is going to take. There are a lot of great competitors in Innergeekdom already, and Jason Inman is an incredible champion.

“Hector Navarro was a great champion. Robert Meyer Burnett was a nice champion. There are rumours a certain other champion wants to get into Innergeekdom. And then there is Rachel Cushing. She has a great chance to hold all three belts at the same time.

“I am certainly interested in Innergeekdom and testing myself if nothing else. I know nothing would irritate my haters more than having “The Outlaw” walk into the Innergeekdom and start winning matches, beating their favourite players and leaving them to cry about it. Nothing would be better for me.

“Face or heel, I’m still “The Outlaw”. What works best for me or is available for me, I will go and get it. If the Innergeekdom becomes something I really want, I will go and get it.

“There aren’t as many strong Innergeekdom competitors at the bottom of the ladder as there should be. There are people I can beat to get my stats up to a level where I can face a true powerhouse in Innergeekdom. I look forward to the challenge if my desire for it becomes powerful within me.”

It will be interesting to see how the other Innergeekdom competitors react to the possibility of Rocha gatecrashing their party. Seeing him get called out by one of the veterans of the division would certainly play nicely with a number of fans come the second half of the season…


Burnett Hlavac

With the season now under way, the deluge of news that came with the break in competition has slowed down a little, so with not much else to report, please indulge me in a small bit of theorising before going about the rest of your day…

For this writer, one of the most intriguing storylines that has not yet been developed in 2018 is the fate of Robert Meyer Burnett. Dumped by the Den, he remains the Schmoedown toy that nobody wants to play with.

However, after this week’s Innergeekdom bout, a new team-mate for “The Captain” may have thrown their hat into the ring.

Adam Hlavac made an impressive return to the Schmoedown table during Tuesday’s Innergeekdom match, narrowly losing out on the final question to Mark Donica. “The Haymaker” was making his first appearance since being dumped by former Superhero News partner Hector Navarro, with “The Nightmare” opting to join Team Heroes as Burnett’s replacement ahead of the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown.

Schmoedown fans the world over are aware of “The Captain’s” deep hatred for “that little pipsqueak Navarro”, and if Hlavac is as hell-bent on revenge as his promo made out then aligning himself with Burnett might not be the worst idea. Just something for those who make these kinds of decisions to think about…

What do you make of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

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