Fyffe finds her frontliners as RB3 returns – the Schmoedown Week that Was

The blog is back!

After a busy week of work and a quiet seven days of Schmoedown news, we are back with the first month of Season Five all wrapped up.

Titles week is just around the corner as the belts go on the line for the first time in 2018, and there have been plenty of big developments as the new campaign starts to move through the gears.

So without further ado, here’s what has been going on outside of the arena since last Friday…


Fyffe Faction

It’s a development many – including, in a shock twist, this blog – predicted, but now we have had it confirmed that the Shirewolves will indeed be managed by Emma Fyffe.

Speculation was rife after Rachel Cushing was shown on the phone to an unknown Schmoedown personality before revealing Clarke Wolfe as her new team-mate, with “The Crusher” seemingly attempting to organise representation.

Fast-forward to Tuesday’s match between The World’s Finest and The Kingsmen, and “The Golden Mic” revealed while making her commentary debut that she would in fact be managing the coming together of two of the hottest properties in the world of movie trivia.

While the post-credits scene that followed this announcement lacked the shock value given the conversations between Fyffe and Ken Napzok at the desk, it further underlined how that faction is beginning to look pretty formidable. Probably about time it actually had a name, though…


Howard RB3

Remember the Young Bucks? You know – the Young Bucks? The faction created to bring together the young talent within the Schmoedown? Yeh, me neither!

Robert Butler III has not been seen around the Schmoedown for a little while. Having suffered defeat to Matt Knost in his singles debut, RB3 became the de facto leader of the Young Bucks following Cobbster’s departure.

The stable that included both the Reel Rejects and Hector Navarro was unceremoniously torn apart during the early weeks of winter, and as such RB3 has not appeared on screen since.

Hot on the heels of him being named as the show’s latest editor, though, the most dapper man to attend the premiere of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is now set to reignite his movie trivia career.

His opponent is set to be Stacy Howard, with one of last season’s surprise packages yet to make her first appearance since being dumped by Six Degrees partner Brianne Chandler.

This is one has also been confirmed as the Patreon match for March, so expect to see this one in early April at the absolute latest.



Having beaten Bonnie Somerville in her debut match, Jeannine The Machine is up and running within the Schmoedown as Jay Washington’s new-look Viper Squad aim to make waves in the world of movie trivia.

While “The Machine” called out Mike Kalinowski in the aftermath of her sudden-death victory, it seems that it is not just her singles career that she is looking forward to.

Speaking to Take 3 Productions, she revealed that joining the team division has certainly crossed her mind, with stablemate Yael Tygiel and manager Washington potential options for a partner.

“We’ll just have to wait and see. I’d love to be in a team with Jay and see how we would come together,” she said.

“I think I could do well in a team. Jay also announced that Yael Tygiel is joining our stable so I’d love to be in a team with Yael. That would be a lot of fun, but anything is possible. I definitely think I would love to take on teams in the future.”

It certainly seems “The Machine” is planning on motoring through the competition sooner rather than later…



The number of new competitors within the Schmoedown has been a point of contention during the opening weeks of Season Five, with a whole raft of new faces making their debuts in 2018.

While a lot of fan favourites are set to return in the weeks to come as per the latest schedule release, there are still plenty more introductions to be made through the month of March.

With Mark Donica waiting to take on the winner, the second Innergeekdom fatal five-way is now in the diary. Taylor Robinson and Dorian Parks were both announced as rookies during the off-season, and they will be joined by fellow newcomers Jared Haibon, Alana Jordan and Jamie Costa.

Meanwhile, another who was announced to be making their debut in Season Five during the January break was LA film critic Yolanda Machado, and on 16 March she will be introduced into the world of movie trivia with a match against another newbie, film producer Ethan Erwin.

Who knows – you might be about to be introduced to your new Schmoedown obsession…?

What do you make of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

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