The Schmoedown GOAT – has Levine surpassed Murrell?!

So we’re all agreed, then? The decision to re-spin was the wrong one, but they cannot go back on the story arc they created and hand Top 10 a rematch. Great, let’s crack on…

Title Week has been and gone over at Schmoedown towers, and while both the singles and team belts were retained, much of the talk coming out of the two championship matches surrounded the rules of the game rather than the achievements of the competitors.

While there is no doubt that the Patriots remain the greatest team to grace the world of movie trivia – and it will likely be years before we can even think about opening that up to debate – the question of who is the best ever solo competitor is starting to be asked following Samm Levine’s first defence of the title.

Levine Belt

Almost since the Schmoedown made its debut on Collider it has been widely agreed that Dan Murrell is the most fearsome competitor in the league.

John Rocha and Kristian Harloff have held both of the main belts at different times while the original champion Mark Reilly was the first person to win back a title they had previously lost. All three, though, pale in comparison to the wonder that is “Dangerous Dan”.

In winning his first five singles matches he snatched the belt away from “Yodi”, and though he subsequently lost it to “The Outlaw” in early 2017, he returned to not only claim it back but win two title matches within the space of an hour at Collision.

It was in the second of those matches that he came up against Levine. Cashing in his reward for winning the inaugural Free 4 All, “The Inglorious One” took Murrell to the final question before eventually succumbing to defeat, with his overall record slipping to 3-4 in the process.

That was July. It is now March and there are some who justifiably believe that Levine can now be dubbed the greatest of all time when it comes to the Schmoedown. Seven months is certainly a long time in the world of movie trivia, but are we being too early in crowning a new GOAT? 🐐

Since that defeat to Murrell, “The Inglorious One” has played in 11 matches across the singles and teams divisions. He has faced off against the likes of William Bibbiani, Mike Kalinowski, JTE, Rachel Cushing, The Nerd’s Watch, Team Action and Wolves of Steel. Of those 11 matches, he has won 10; his only defeat coming to the Patriots at Spectacular.


Never before has the Schmoedown seen such a remarkable run of results from a single competitor, particularly in such a relatively short period. Momentum is sometimes given too much importance when analysing sport, but the evidence is there for all to see that winning breeds the confidence required to keep on winning.

Murrell, on the other hand, earned his GOAT moniker almost entirely through his singles performances. His only foray into the team division to date came alongside Reilly as part of the Team Champs in the very first Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament.

Predicted by many to take the competition by storm, the heavyweight duo struggled to live up to the expectations placed on them – something “Yodi” has become accustomed to in the team division – eventually losing out to Top 10 in just their second match together.

Whether “Dangerous Dan” decides to align himself with a partner when he eventually comes out of retirement remains to be seen (#TeamChamps2019 – remember where you heard it first! 😉), but for now his lack of success outside of the singles division does give Levine the edge when we are talking about an overall GOAT.


Looking solely at singles play, however, and Murell still holds the edge, particularly for this writer. While he does not hold all the titles that Levine now has to his name following a glittering 2017, it is worth remembering the circumstances surrounding those comparisons.

Murrell has never competed in a singles tournament and as such has had no chance of ever winning one. Furthermore, though he did not win the 2017 Free 4 All, he was the outstanding competitor, answering more questions and surviving more rounds than anyone else.

Though the blog will concede Levine still had to clearout a whole table of competitors on his way to claiming the overall victory, there is no doubt both his place in the running order and the memorable work done by Marc Andreyko earlier in the piece played a large part in his eventual win.

In addition, Murrell has defended the belt on three occasions, including do so just moments after he won it for the second time, ironically against Levine. In fairness Levine has only had one opportunity to defend thus far, but for now it is too early to compare his achievements as a singles champion with those of the Screen Junkies favourite.

So what does that all mean?

To break it down, in terms of the singles division as a sole entity, Murrell can still laud it over Levine, at least for now. In the world of the Schmoedown, however, it is only right that “The Inglorious One” is now considered the greatest the league has ever seen. He is the GOAT… for now.

While you consider that bombshell, has anyone else noticed how much a certain Schmoedown head honcho has been shutting down any talk of Murrell making his return at the Free 4 All on April 14? “The X-Factor” doth protest too much, me thinks… 😎

Who do you think is the greatest Schmoedown competitor of all time? Have your say in the comments below!

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