Who should ‘The Dude’ play next?

Schmoedown personalities come in all shapes and sizes, but few compare to Dale Gibbs.

Yet another off the reactor conveyor belt, “The Dude” has been everywhere within the world of movie trivia since the back end of 2017, and after making his debut against Ben Bateman he is now very much a fully-fledged competitor.


A TKO defeat to “The Boss” was not the most auspicious of starts, but all those who have watched any of Gibbs’ videos to date know that – as much as he would have enjoyed beating one of the league’s biggest heels – his eyes are and always have been firmly set on taking down Tom Dagnino.

The blog is in no doubt that a showdown with “Tricky Tom” will be on the cards at some stage, but for now “The Dude” might need to work his way up to that one.

So with that in mind, we’ve broken down our picks for who everyone’s favourite Schmoedown documentary maker should face off against next…


With Gibbs sat at 0-1 after his first match, finding a competitor for him to face based solely on rankings is not difficult.

The likes of Matt Atchity, Perri Nemiroff and Robert Meyer Burnett are all sitting on identical records, but there is one competitor on 0-1 whose return to singles action has been the subject of much fan fervour.


John Humphrey came from nowhere to dominate the opening rounds of the inaugural Free 4 All in 2017, eventually lasting 10 rounds – a record that was only bettered by Dan Murrell on the day.

That performance opened the door for “The Mad Hatter” to take on Marc Andreyko in the singles division, only for his bubble to be unceremoniously burst by a TKO from “The Android”.

If we compare his singles bow with that of Gibbs, they both performed in a similar fashion. Humphrey racked up eight points while “The Dude” picked up nine, and with Andreyko looking likely to face Bateman next, it might make a tasty undercard for those they have brushed aside to also face off on the same day. Something to mull over…


The only storyline surrounding “The Dude” at present is his wish to get his hands on Dagnino, and as such facing off against a member of the Lion’s Den would make sense if his next match-up was based solely on developing his character.

The direction that the blog would take with this would be a similar one to what we saw when Jay Washington challenged “Tricky Tom” to an Innergeekdom match during Season Four.

During a behind the scenes clip Dagnino brushed aside “The Urban Gladiator”, instead putting forward a member of his stable in the shape of Burnett to take Washington down.

Though that eventually backfired and proved to be the beginning of the end for “The Captain” as part of the Den, it would not be a shock to again see their patriarch throw in one of those he manages in a bid to put an end to a bothersome itch.

From Dagnino’s perspective that is exactly what “The Dude” is, and it would be nice to see Gibbs include a scene in one of his upcoming documentaries where he plucks up the courage to approach “Tricky Tom” and challenge him to a match.

Dagnino would humour him before eventually agreeing to a match if Gibbs can first beat a member of his stable. Enter Ken Napzok.


“The Pitboss'” disdain for fan competitors such as “The Dude” was there for all to see during his commentary during Gibbs’ debut, and this writer is sure he would take great delight in putting a young upstart back in his place.

Presuming Napzok and Dagnino do not pull off the biggest Schmoedown shock in history when they face the Shirewolves this week it is unlikely we will see “The Pitboss” in action again until the battle for the Star Wars belt starts up again.

Having him appear in a singles match that is heavily focused on story would be a nice way to keep his hand in as well as do his manager a favour.


In this Season Five world of Patreon matches and – fingers crossed – undercards, the likelihood is that we will start to see more matches that have very little resting on them in terms of rankings or story, and instead that are there just to increase entertainment value.

“The Dude” is certainly a player who can be an asset for those episodes while another who slots nicely into that category is Eliot Dewberry.


“The Mountain’s” profile within the world of move trivia has grown massively since teaming up with Josh Macuga to form the Wildberries, but it would be a shame to see him move away from singles play totally given how he previously dragged ETC almost on his own to the verge of a title match back in 2017.

His current record is 1-3 having lost out in the Ultimate Schmoedown five-way qualifier, and taking on “The Dude” might be the perfect way for Dewberry to resurrect his singles career. Some are already dubbing it #DudeBerry, for what it’s worth…

Who do you think “The Dude” should face next? Have your say in the comments below!

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