Top 10 ponder retirement as The Dude plots a double act – the Schmoedown Week that Was

‘Does anyone know if the live event is going up on YouTube?’ – every member of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Facebook group at some point in their life.

It’s been just over a week since the first Schmoedown live event, and with the first PPV event of the year very much on the horizon, there has been plenty to talk about in the world of movie trivia.

And though it’s been difficult wading through various iterations of the same question on social media to find the nuggets of news, the blog has done the hard work for you and picked out the biggest headlines…


Top 10

You thought we’d moved on from #TheRespin? Think again!

The aftermath of the most infamous ruling in Schmoedown history continues to roll on, with Top 10 waiting until the this week’s episode of the podcast that bears their name to discuss  their futures within the world of movie trivia.

Rumours regarding the potential retirements of John Rocha and, in particular, Matt Knost have been doing the rounds in recent weeks, and both competitors were open in acknowledging that the thought of leaving it all behind did cross their mind.

However, the decision has been made that not only will they continue to compete individually but that they will also remain a Schmoedown partnership as they look to defy the stipulations that have been placed on them and eye yet another showdown with the Patriots.

“The Commissioner needs to lift this idea that we cannot face them again,” Rocha said. “That was not an honest loss.

“We admit that we lost the second match and that we weren’t ready. The first match was a fluke, but this match was bulls***.

“Sneider has since admitted to me over the phone that if we stay together as a team and fight our way back then they will play us again. This whole thing where we are not going to play them again – we’re going to break that.

“We’ll see what happens, but we’ve made the decision that we’re sticking together as a team.”

That sound you hear? That’s “Outlaw Nation” breathing a collective sigh of relief!



We might be well over a month into Season Five, but there are a whole series of regular competitors who are yet to take their first steps back into competition.

Clarke Wolfe and Marc Andreyko are among those still waiting to make their singles bows while the likes of Critically Acclaimed and DC Movie News remain on the bleachers, awaiting their opportunity.

Alongside them have been Team Trek, with Scott Mantz and Jason Inman not having been seen together as a partnership since their exit from the Ultimate Schmoedown, though the latter has obviously used the break to get himself some fresh hardware.

Their return, though, is now very much on the horizon after it was announced that they would be the next opponents for The World’s Finest.

World's Finest

Winston Marshall and, in particular, Eric Zipper impressed during their debut victory over The Kingsmen, and despite having called out fellow newbies Superhero News in their post-match interview, the decision has instead been made to pit them against Schmoedown veterans.

Amid the complaints regarding the volume of new competitors in the opening weeks of the campaign, it was largely overlooked just how well World’s Finest performed, but on first viewing at this booking it is hard to look past Trek and their 4-3 record.

A win for Inman and Mantz would leave them 5-3 and with an identical record to Team Action. Might this be a potential route to seeing “Justice” and Ben Bateman renew their rivalry…?!


Dangerous Dudes

Having made his debut within the Schmoedown, questions are already being asked as to what is next for Dale Gibbs.

Talk of a showdown with Ken Napzok have already been mooted with both competitors tentatively agreeing to a face-off, but “The Dude” seems keen to dip his toe into other divisions as his movie trivia journey continues.

While Gibbs has aligned himself with Top 10 in his early Schmoedown appearances, anyone who watched his Spectacular documentary knows that his true idol remains Dan Murrell. So much so that “The Dude” is now making moves in a bid to bring the former two-time singles champion into the team division and create one of the most diverse teams in Schmoedown history.

“Dan Murrell needs to start returning my phone calls! I want to form a team with Dan Murrell,” he said during a live chat on Twitter.

“I’m “The Dude”. He’s “Dangerous Dan”. I’m thinking we form a team called the “Dangerous Dudes”.

“Come on – that’s a powerhouse team in the Schmoedown! We’d sweep the Schmoedown – that’d be terrific. I think he’s avoiding me because he knows if we met he knows we’d immediately become best friends.”

Whether Gibbs can make that happen remains to be seen, but a more realistic team-up might be a lot closer to home.


Fans are pining to see more of Taylor Robinson following her debut within the Innergeekdom division, and “The Dude” is not adverse to partnering up with “The Robin” given that their strengths and weaknesses tie together neatly.

“We’ve talked about it [teaming up]. She is much better at movie trivia than I am,” he said.

“We sit together and watch the matches and Taylor Robinson is damn good. I’ve seen her play along – and not just in Innergeekdom – and she kills it! She’s on point with her movie trivia.

“She’s real good with actors and actresses names, and that’s where I fall down. I know faces but not obscure names.”

Either way, more of “The Dude” is not a bad thing for the immediate future of the Schmoedown.


Free 4 All Poster

For many Schmoedown fans, the highlight of their year is right around the corner with the Free 4 All now just three weeks away.

As with the inaugural event, the overall winner will be rewarded with a title shot of their choosing, which Samm Levine dramatically cashed in at last year’s Collision.

However, it has now been confirmed that there will be a second prize on offer for the competitor who is able to last the most rounds during the 48-competitor showdown.

For context, that reward would have gone to Dan Murrell in 2017, who remained at the table for 11 rounds before being part of the most famous moment (until that damn respin!) in movie trivia history.

However, the person with the next most rounds was a certain John Humphrey, and if another unheralded competitor can match the performance of “The Mad Hatter” in 2018 then they may suddenly find themselves playing a key role in the future of the show.

It is unlikely the prize will be revealed until the Free 4 All itself, but be sure to keep a tally of how many rounds your favourite competitors last – they might just get themself something special to take home!

What do you make of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

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