Who should the Wildberries play next?

The dream has died.

At the Schmoedown Awards, the Wildberries stated that their career aim was to set the record for the most matches without a win. And yet in their first appearance of 2018, Josh Macuga and Eliot Dewberry ran out victorious in a rollercoaster battle against the Reel Rejects.


All of a sudden, with teams disbanding left, right and centre and the division very congested, the human t-shirt selling machines find themselves potentially on a path towards the upper echelons of the rankings.

So who should they be eyeing up as their next opponents? The blog breaks down some options…


Late to the Party

Were they more readily available, there is no doubt Late To The Party would have made their mark on Season Five already, but as it is the winners of the 2017 Upset of the Year are yet to make their return.

Despite that victory over Critically Acclaimed they remain in the lower reaches of the rankings following a narrow loss to Team Action and a rather less narrow defeat at the hands of Wolves of Steel.

It is has been suggested that Double Toasted are being lined up as Robert Montano and Vanessa Fitzsimmons’ next opponents, but getting both into Collider Towers at the same time is likely to prove difficult.

Instead having them take on some LA natives in the shape of the Wildberries might provide them with a route back sooner rather than later, and given both teams’ commitment to entertainment it would make for a great spectacle.

(As an aside, if you’re looking for an outside bet on this year’s Free 4 All, the blog’s dark horse tip is, in fact, Robert Montano. Thank me later, sports fans!)


Lion's Den

Given that the Lion’s Den already has a team in the shape of the Patriots, there is no real need for Tom Dagnino and Ken Napzok to continue the partnership they formed for their recent match against the Shirewolves.

That team-up was a necessity in a bid to further develop Rachel Cushing’s storyline with “The Pitboss”, but after an encouraging showing – particularly from Napzok himself – some fans have called for them to remain in the team division as a support act for Jeff Sneider and JTE further down the rankings.

If they are to stay together, then taking on the Wildberries in their next match would make sense. Bobby Gucci’s history with Macuga is well known, and though their joint-storyline was brought to a satisfying close with “The Wildman’s” five-round win over his former Megapowers team-mate, re-establishing that rivalry would be well received.

Furthermore Macuga is yet to pass public comment on Napzok’s turn to the dark side, and seeing him spar with his old Schmoes Know pal could make for some of the best smack talk of the season thus far.


Gibbs Robinson

Though Dale Gibbs is holding out all hope than Dan Murrell might one day pick up his phone and accept his offer of teaming up to form the Dangerous Dudes, if he is to enter the team division he might need to find a more realistic partner.

Both “The Dude” and Taylor Robinson have spoken about the potential of them joining forces in the weeks since their Schmoedown debut, and having them face off against the Wildberries would certainly make sense from a rankings point of view.

Even more so the prospect of seeing how Macuga and – perhaps even more pointedly -Dewberry deal with what “The Dude” offers apart from just his movie trivia knowledge could make for great television. Don’t rule out it coming along as a Patreon match before the season is out!

Who do you think the Wildberries should face next? Have your say in the comments below!

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