Critically Acclaimed get the call as contract disputes come to a head – the Schmoedown Week that Was

With the wider Schmoedown audience still basking in being able to see the the show’s first live event from the comfort of their own homes, the road to the Free 4 All continues to throw up plenty of breaking stories.

The schedule ahead of the show’s first “pay-per-view” event of the season is now full and an increased focus on storyline has been promised ahead of the event.

So while fans hold their breath for the next big twist, the blog has yet again broken down all the major stories from the world of movie trivia from the past seven days…


With the Schmoedown about to move on from an opening two months of Season Five that has been heavily weighted towards new competitors, the build-up to Collision is likely to see many old faces finally make their first appearances of 2018.

Team Trek are already scheduled to appear in early April while Marc Andreyko was recently called out by Ben Bateman in a match this writer certainly wants to see happen.

Back in the team division, many fans – including one MTS Facebook page admin – have been waiting patiently to get their first glimpse of Critically Acclaimed this season.

Critically Acclaimed

William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold were many people’s picks to win the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament last season, only for Late To The Party to stun the world and knock them out in the very first round.

That was over seven months ago, but their wait for some movie trivia action is almost over as it was revealed that they would be the next opponents for another hotly-tipped duo, Top That.

Top That

Jim Vejvoda and Eric Goldman’s lack of Schmoedown knowledge saw them come unstuck during their No.1 contender match with Top 10, and they will be keen to put that right and force themselves back into the reckoning for a title shot. There truly could be fireworks in this one.


On 23 June, 2017, the whole Schmoedown singles division was put on notice. Tim Franco arrived at Collider studios a fan of the show and left a potential title contender following his TKO of veteran team star Matt Atchity.


Children have been conceived and born since that day, yet “The Tank” is yet to add to his 1-0 record having been unavailable to make it to LA for a variety of reasons.

His return, however, could now be sooner rather than later after it was hinted at that there is potential match lined up for him should he up to the challenge. His opponent? Jim Vejvoda.

Vejvoda’s performances with Top That have seen fans cry out for him to make his bow in the singles division, and after a series of false starts, it seems the moment is almost here for a new contender to enter the fray.

Whether that will be against Franco or not remains to be seen, but seeing two trivia heavyweights face off could provide one of the more memorable matches fans have ever seen.


Given his impact in the final weeks of Season Four, it has been surprising that Interim Commissioner, Thadd Williams, has not been seen more on screen so far in 2018.

However, with the promise that storylines would be cranked up more in the weeks to come, it seems the power struggle at the top of the Schmoedown world is about to come to a head once again.

Harloff Williams

As revealed at Spectacular, Williams inserted a clause into the contract that Kristian Harloff signed upon the handover of power that no matter what happened he would remain in charge for six months. Given the announcement of the new commissioner was made in the first week of November, that would take us to May at the very earliest before “The X-Factor” can take over.

However, in the moments leading up to this week’s match between the Wildberries and Reel Rejects the pair were caught on camera discussing when exactly Harloff would be taking back over, only for “The Warlord” to reveal that included within the smallprint was an agreement that if enough competitors were unhappy with some of Harloff’s rulings that he could not return to his former post.

Given everything that happened with #TheRespin that certainly seems to be the case, and it seems that Harloff is going to have to take matters into his own hands if he is to finally take his true title back.

One way around that is by facing off with Williams in a movie trivia match, as was suggested at the end of Season Four. “The Warlord” has rejected that offer, but do not be surprised to see this storyline come to a head at Collision around the Schmoedown table, and this writer would be shocked were Tom Dagnino not involved somewhere along the line given his dreams of becoming Commissioner.

The blog will have some further thoughts on that next week, but this looks set to dominate the Schmoedown headlines for a few more weeks yet…

What do you make of the Schmoedown news from the past week? Have your say in the comments below!

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