Napzok nabs two bookings as Andreyko speaks out – the Schmoedown Week that Was

Well, the storylines are back!

Not since pre-season has there been a busier week of Schmoedown-related news, with the buzz of the live event and the realisation that the Free 4 All is just a week away whipping the whole movie trivia world into a fervour.

But have you been keeping up to date given how much time you have been spending ensuring you are subscribed to all those shiny new podcast feeds? Fear not – that’s where the blog comes in…


If the Schmoedown has learned anything in Season Five, it is that it can very rarely please everyone. Some of its decisions can even cause both metaphorical and literal riots within some corners of the fanbase.

That vitriol again came to the fore this week after the news that Clark Wolfe was gifted a place in a No.1 contender by her manager, Emma Fyffe.

Despite “The Classy One’s” status as a genuine Schmoedown legend many questioned why neither Rachel Cushing nor, more pointedly, Marc Andreyko were chosen from within the Fyffe Club.


Given “The Android” was the first competitor to come under Fyffe’s wing, many presumed that he would be rewarded by his new manager. “The Golden Mic” had previously hinted that this might not be the case, but it has now come to light Andreyko WAS offered the spot, only to reject the opportunity, thus allowing Wolfe to claim it for herself.

“Emma DID ask me if I wanted it, but I DECLINED,” he wrote in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Facebook group. “Why? I want to play more matches before going for the brass ring. My choice. No insult, no overlooking, all is good.

“I hope Clarke gets to go up against Samm [Levine]. She’s a damn good player and a friend. Now, if I can just get a partner, I WOULD LOVE to crush the Patriots.”

Leaving that tease of a new team-mate to one side (for now!), this at least clears up the latest controversy, though there are still some supporters who are unhappy with the decision to allow Wolfe to choose her opponent from the top ten ranked competitors rather than have it imposed upon her.

Speculation was rife that she could in fact choose team-mate Cushing, meaning the Fyffe Club would have a guaranteed shot at the belt in the not so distant future. However, “The Crusher” has since urged her fellow Shirewolf to instead opt for someone else, opening the door for the likes of Drew McWeeny, Mike Kalinowski and Stacy Howard to get their shot. It’s a decision that cannot – and will not – be taken lightly.


There were a lot of themes to Season Four of the Schmoedown, but one that really caught the imagination despite a lack of screen time was the birth of the Star Wars division.

Sam Witwer’s presence within the league saw a host of new fans flock to the channel while using it as the platform for Ken Napzok’s heel turn ensured that the division will always have a place in movie trivia folklore.

As such, it came as little surprise when it was announced this week that it would be making its long-awaited return as part of the next Schmoedown live event.

Scrimshaw Napzok Damon

Former champion Napzok has vowed to recapture the belt he lost at Spectacular, but first he must go through both Alex Damon and Joseph Scrimshaw in a No.1 contender match at the El Portal Theatre on June 2.

Both Damon and Scrimshaw pushed Witwer close during their debut’s in December’s five-way and are certainly deserving of launching another bid towards the belt, but it is “The Pitboss” who will be the star attraction as he looks to get the better of the system and right the wrongs of 2017.

That, by the way, is just the undercard. The main event will see the Shirewolves take on an as yet unspecified opponent – interesting to see how they “tackle” announcing that one! 😜


There have been many Schmoedown rivalries over the years, but none have quite hit the levels of the hatred on show when the Lion’s Den and Four Horsemen face off.

The war between the movie trivia world’s two original factions has cooled in recent months, however, following the break-up of the Horsmen at Collision, though there have still been four matches across the singles and team divisions between members of the two stables in recent months (just don’t mention the re-spin!)

With the reveal from John Rocha that the Horsemen will be returning to at least a quartet in the near future, however, we are sure to see them going head-to-head both in and outside of the ring on a more regular basis.

It seems very likely that “The Outlaw’s” next opponent will be Jeff Sneider, with the winner set to earn themselves a place in a No.1 contender match, while it was also announced this week that Matt Knost will be returning to the singles division to take on Ken Napzok.

Knost Napzok

Both competitors have recently put in improved displays during their respective team outings, and with this one also slated to be April’s Patreon match, it could provide the show with its best smack talk of Season Five to date.


Last week the blog reported on Top That being booked to be Critically Acclaimed’s first opponents of Season Five, with fans excited to see two heavyweight teams face off.

However, just as quickly as that match was arranged it is now off the table, though that does not mean William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold will not be in action together very soon.

Superhero News

Critically Acclaimed will now be facing off against Superhero News, who saw off Box Office Breakdown in their debut match back in the early weeks of the campaign.

Though they will enter the ring as heavy underdogs against their more experienced opponents, “The Beast”, in particular, has a history of being caught out by less heralded competitors.

Perhaps the winners could then get a shot at Jim Vejvoda and Eric Goldman, particularly since their records would be a better match, but making those kind of decisions is well above my pay grade!

What do you make of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Napzok nabs two bookings as Andreyko speaks out – the Schmoedown Week that Was

  1. Where do you get your Schoedown news? Your blog is the first I heard of the June live event, which sounds super cool.


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