Action go live as K.O. lays down a challenge – the Schmoedown Week that Was

The Schmoedown’s first major event of the year has been and gone, with the second annual Free 4 All very much etched into the history books as the one where Andrew Ghai trolled everyone.

All roads now lead towards Collision, with a host of matches scheduled for the next six weeks set to get the wheels turning ahead of that big day in July.

Away from that it’s been yet another big seven days of Schmoedown news – here’s what you might have missed…



After the announcement earlier this month that a second Schmoedown live event would be taking place in early June, speculation had been rife as to whom exactly the Shirewolves would be facing in their headline match.

And while various teams were thrown around, in truth there was only one duo who could really justify headline status following the confirmation at the Free 4 All that they were back in business and ready to win some belts…

As two of the biggest breakout stars of Season Four, Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai were no-brainers when it came to putting together the next theatre show. Even if their records do not quite match up, given the need to sell tickets and the potential for the Shirewolves to dominate the league moving forward, I’m sure very few are complaining.



Nothing can boost a Schmoedown player’s profile more than performing at one of the show’s biggest events, and that is certainly the case for Ethan Erwin.

After a low-key win over Yolanda Machado, “Big Time” put the rest of the league on notice with a superb performance at the Free 4 All, surviving 14 rounds before being pipped to the winner’s post by Brianne Chandler.

Not only did Erwin perform more than admirably, he also made history at the event, as he and his wife, Meredith Berg, became the first married couple to compete during the same Schmoedown match.

And while fans ponder whom Erwin’s his next singles opponent could be, the man himself has teased a potential team-up with Berg along with some big claims regarding their ability together.

“I’d love for us to be a team. She can get those questions I can’t get and fill the blind spots, and I can do that for her,” he told the Schmoedown Rundown.

“My ultimate goal is to take down every division. But a more realistic goal is to kill in teams with my wife. She and I together – there’d be no stopping us.”

At the very start of the season, Kristian Harloff hinted at a theme of 2018 being the rise of the superteams. We may well have found ourselves another.


Viper Squad

With two wins from two so far this season, the Viper Squad have shown no ill-effects from the dramatic circumstances that surrounded “Miss Movies'” departure at the end of Season Four.

That said, the feeling of unfinished business with the former MissFit is still there, and this week things were turned up a notch across social media as competitors from both sides of the newly-formed divide went head to head.

As seen in Tuesday’s episode, Mike Kalinowski is keen to get his hands on the automatic title shot won by his new ally Chandler at the Free 4 All. Jay Washington and his latest challenger, Jeannine, did not take kindly to “K.O.” moving in and trying to claim the prize for himself.

What ensued was perhaps the most vicious back-and-forth the Schmoedown has seen before a challenge was laid down by Kalinowski for a very intriguing handicap match…

Given his form in Season Five so far, Kalinowski might be better advised to organise matches that do not put himself at even more of a disadvantage. However, to say the blog would be on board with this – potentially if it means further the Miss Movies/K.O. storyline on even more – would be an understatement.

What do you make of this week’s Schmoedown news? Have your say in the comments below!

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