How should the next Innergeekdom mini-tournament shape up?

By Jared Prestwidge

After three matches and the first title bout taking place this past Friday, the Innergeekdom division is quickly gaining steam in its second year.

Interestingly enough, only one competitor in any of the three matches leading up to Inman vs Donica had played in the division previously.

IG Logo

Naturally this has resulted in the faint whispers of “where’s Rachel” and “where’s Kalinowski” in the Schmoedown community, and right on cue the Commissioner(?) Kristian Harloff has announced five singles matches, a fatal 5-way involving the winners, with the winner of that earning the right to challenge Jason Inman at Collider Collision.

So, as we often do here at the Schmoedown Blog, we have thrown our two cents worth into the discussion of who should duke it out in the initial five matches. You’re welcome, Earth! 


Here’s a match that’s basically confirmed since Mark Donica challenged “The Urban Gladiator” after his loss to Jason Inman.

Here we’ll have the first confrontation between Washington and the Lion’s Den since Spectacular, and going off his performance in last year’s 4-way, this has the potential to be one of the most exciting Innergeekdom battles yet.

IG Donica Washington

The Viper Squad has been riding high so far this year, and their mouthpiece will be looking to continue that momentum.

But if we see “The Enforcer” fall early, could he be on the receiving end of another Tom Dagnino dumping?


Since losing his title to Jason Inman at last year’s Spectacular, the former champ has been MIA from any division in the Schmoedown in 2018.

The shot is there if to wants it to climb back up the ladder and stamp his claim as Top Dog once again.

IG Navarro Hlavac

Adam Hlavac is a tragically unlucky figure in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, having never won a match or hit his five-pointer over his three appearances.

In his respective 5-way match earlier this year, Hlavac pricked the ears of the Schmoedown diehards with the unexpected barbs he threw at his former partner.

Both competitors offer similar strengths, which could result in the record breaking match we know they’re both capable of.

If anything, I’m just hoping Hlavac hits his five-pointer.


Battle of the white bread!

After stating he would challenge for the Innergeekdom title if given the shot by ally and recent Free 4 All winner Brianne Chandler, this match is rife with much needed story potential for “K.O” Kalinowski.

IG Haibon Kalinowski

Kalinowski has had a rough go so far in the Innergeekdom division, but Jared Haibon is someone he could most definitely challenge and build up a run.

Haibon is no pushover, however, and despite being the winner of the admittedly weaker fatal 5-way, he has demonstrated impressive knowledge in the clutch.

One bad wheel spin could decide this one.


Despite enjoying considerable success in the singles and teams arena in 2018, Rachel Cushing has still claimed the Innergeekdom belt as one of her priorities.

Even though she sports a negative record at the moment, “The Crusher’s” skill in nailing the niche knowledge required to be a contender in this division is second to none.

IG Cushing Robinson

Besides Jared Haibon, Taylor Robinson was the other standout performer in her respective fatal 5-way debut.

More a victim of Haibon’s rampant stealing of other competitor’s questions than anything, she’s unlikely to give away any points to her opponent if “Harry Potter” spins her way.

Sure, on paper it looks pretty much a lock for a Cushing victory, but Robinson should still be considered an unknown quantity and crazier things have happened in the Schmoedown.


Ever since “The Golden Mic” tied up her boot heels and smacked away her opponents to claim the Manager Bowl’s big prize, her confidence has only grown and the Schmoedown is a lot better for it.

And now with one of the most talented factions in the league at her back, why not stamp a claim as the Fyffe Club’s Innergeekdom force?

IG Burnett Fyffe

And then there’s Robert Meyer Burnett – a man constantly at odds with himself and those around him – this is a prime opportunity to get back on top.

We all saw “The Captain” make his return at the Free 4 All after five months away, only for him to crash out with a measly point.

Both competitors claim vastly different strengths on the Innergeekdom spectrum, which could result in a TKO victory for the one blessed by Lady Luck…


Who do you think should face off in the upcoming Innergeekdom matches? Have your say in the comments below!

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